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Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Abstract Art

Abstract art makes use of a visual language of form, shape, line and color to create an artistic composition, which may reflect some degree of visual references from the real world. This form of art is unique and relevant to any contemporary décor as it comes in a...

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Investing in Modern Art for an Improved Lifestyle

Owing to the widespread appeal and availability of modern art, buying masterpieces for your home or office has never been easier. Beautiful works of art like canvas paintings, abstract designs and wall décor art are now a few clicks away thanks to online art forums...

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The Importance of Modern Art

In all the hustle and bustle of life, modern art gives us spaces to reflect and forces and reminds us to consider different things, which we would not have otherwise. Contemporary art comes in various forms such as oversized wall art, acrylic art, online art, etc. and...

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Creating the Perfect Modern Art Piece

Different artists have different secrets to creating their modern art masterpieces. But there are some important tips that most of them agree to. Let’s see what the talented Tal from Tal Design has to say about it. The artist advises to begin with a specific concept...

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Understanding Abstract Art

The beautiful thing about abstract art is that it allows viewers’ imagination to go wild. They get to decide what the art is about, all on a personal level and based on their creativity. This type of art can’t really be explained, and needs to be interpreted, felt and...

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Top Mixed Media Painting Techniques

Mixed media paintings cater to many aspects of Mixed Media Art and skilling a few basic techniques can really help step up your art network to a completely new level. Here are the top three techniques you need to know to master the art of mixed media paintings:...

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Tal Design Modern Art is Unique and Original

So, why should you buy modern art from Tal Design? Here’s why: You deal with Tal directly and not some faceless gallery. Tal brings the art to you, and not the other way around. Each piece of modern artwork is unique and original. Tal only uses the best materials...

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Abstract Art Creates Stunning Visual Impact

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider buying abstract art for your home or office space: This art creates a stunning visual impact in any space that generates energy within anyone that is exposed to it. When you display art that is abstract, you...

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